Recorded music messages

Tips for recorded musical messages

We have recently added the ability for customers to request a recorded song instead of a live performance. If someone books this you will receive an email with the request and you have 5 days to record the message.
The emails explain the process but once the message is recorded, you need to upload it to YouTube (unlisted) and then complete the process via the link in the email.
A few tips for the video
  • Examples: There are a couple of examples of the videos people have been doing through Encore in this article, if helpful for reference
  • Personalised: Make sure you greet the person who the video is for at the start and explain who requested it for them. Also follow any guidance given by the client about how they’d like the video to be customised e.g. if it is for a birthday
    • e.g. ‘Happy Birthday [name]! This is a special message from [name] who wanted to [send you your favourite song on your birthday]
  • Context: Give them a short bit of context on who you are if it feels relevant (e.g. they are a music lover, not just looking for Happy Birthday)
    • e.g. “I’m [name] and I’m a professional [xxx], I’ve played with/for/at [name drop orchestra.venue etc] but today I’m here to record you a special musical message
  • Video quality: at least that of a good smart phone
  • Sound quality: at least that of a good smart phone (if you wish you can dub over good quality sound, but this is subject to you having this setup available)
  • Camera advice: No need for black tie, but if possible with your setting - make it feel like a ‘show’. Simple things like a clean set up (or only showing waist height up so there’s not a mass of wires, or bare carpet) with some plants or bookshelves make a difference. Aim to film from head height or angled down for a more flattering angle.
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