Joining the team

Are you a professional artist looking to connect with people for virtual performances?

Then we would love to have you join us!

Application process and set up

  1. Complete the screening application form We'll ask for the same details you see on any performer's profile

  2. We'll be in touch in 1-5 working days to invite you to our vetting interview / sound check Here we'll check your sound set up (i.e. ask you to perform a song or portion of a song) and have a chat and answer any questions you might have.

  3. Provide you a login for our booking software, sync your calendar and booking rules, and confirm you are happy with your website profile.

  4. Go live!

What we are looking for

We are looking for talented performers who could benefit the music loving community of Lockdown Presents, and who would see benefit from being on the platform.

As such, our selection criteria are:

  • You are a talented professional musician, i.e. this is your main career

  • You have an online presence that will allow us, and any potential customer, to be confident of your musicality! For example, videos on YouTube, an Instagram following with your own musical content and meaningful engagement, etc.

  • You are excited about the prospect of speaking to individuals and groups in the context of a virtual 15, 30, or 45 minute gig (i.e. are comfortable with small talk and enjoy talking about your performances)

  • You are happy to publicise your virtual gigs to your network - the majority of bookings come through word of mouth

  • Have a good enough Internet connection to perform on a Zoom call

  • Have a microphone set up that picks up your instrument/voice

  • Can commit to being punctual. After all, these are often gifts for people’s special occasions so it’s crucial you’re able to join Zoom meetings at the right time!


The platform is free for you to use, and fulfils the following purposes:

  • Get booked for gigs

  • Diary management / calendar software with two-way sync

  • Handles communication, reminders, feedback

  • Let's you receive tips

  • Provides a search engine optimised page for your profile you can share freely


You keep 80% of any gig fees paid and 100% of any tips paid. We make payment direct to your account in your local currency on a weekly basis.

Tax implications: The income you receive from Lockdown Presents is income that is not taxed at source. You will need to declare it on your tax return.

Trial period

We are interested in ensuring that the musicians on Lockdown Presents meet a certain high standard, partly because this is core to what we do: connecting people with trusted, vetted, professional musicians, and partly because there is a cost we bear for each musician we have on the platform.

During your first month you will be bookable for people who visit your profile directly, i.e. those visitors you have driven to your profile page on the site yourself.

The reason for this is so that existing performers who have already been vetted and have demonstrated that they can deliver a great concert continue to enjoy whatever organic traffic we can generate.

During the trial period, this means that the bookings you will receive be those through your network based on your own marketing activities. This ensures that existing site visitors will see only vetted and gig experienced musicians.

Assuming you are able to perform at least three gigs during your trial period, with no negative feedback and at least one positive bit of feedback, and that you enjoyed it, you will become a full member. During the trial period payment terms are the same as anyone else.