We have some marketing templates for you to use to help spread the word, which can find below. Whilst we do everything we can to drive organic traffic to the site, we don't have a big marketing budget and rely on spreading the word through your networks and referrals.
This means that you need to help publicise your own profile and let people know you are bookable for virtual concerts! You'll be amazed how many bookings you can get through a friend of your aunt and your old school teacher on Facebook 😎 Once you start getting a few bookings, you'll hopefully start to see a few more coming in through word of mouth.
As well as sharing your profile on social media, if you have any networks you can tell about Lockdown Presents then that is hugely valuable for the whole community. Whether that's an orchestra who might tell their audience, your fan base, or a friend who works at the local/national papers!

Marketing template wording

Here are our social media handles for each profile so you can tag us correctly depending on which platform you’re using.
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Instagram: @lockdown_presents
Facebook: @lockdownpresents
Twitter: @LockdownPresent
Below is some sample messaging that you can use to help spread the word about Lockdown Presents on social media.
We’re always open to more ideas to help us spread the word so if you have any suggestions - please give us a shout!
Feel free to edit the copy as you wish to fit your personal style and brand. Get creative! The bits in red are for you to edit per your own circumstances, and the profile in purple is for Twitter (other profile links further down).

Intro to platform

Very excited to let you all know that I/we am now bookable for virtual concerts in your home with @LockdownPresent. Give the gift of music and make those all-important virtual get-togethers extra special during lockdown with a live show.
Check out the website ( [add your own profile link]) and please share far and wide. Such a great initiative to support the arts during lockdown. And a donation goes to charity for every booking.

Follow up posts:

Looking for a thoughtful gift idea? Make someone’s day by booking a gig just for them. From only £30/60, I/we will join your Zoom call and surprise your loved one with a personal performance. Book instantly at: with @LockdownPresent
Being away from family for such a long time can be difficult. So get the clan together and lift their spirits by organising a surprise. Book a personalised live Zoom concert with me/us for your next call at: with @LockdownPresent
Looking to do something thoughtful for friends and family? Book them a surprise 15 min Zoom gig with me/us to bring a smile to their faces. And a donation goes to charity for each booking at: with @LockdownPresent
Need a last minute present? Give a special something to your loved one that will really make their day; book them a personalized live Zoom gig with me/us. From [insert repertoire] to [xxxxx], there’s something for everyone. Book at: with @LockdownPresent
Planning a pub quiz? Why not do something different for the music round; book me/us to perform on your Zoom call. Can you guess the song and artist/movie… a bonus point if you can remember the year! Book now at: with @LockdownPresent
Show someone special that you're thinking of them by booking a surprise virtual Zoom gig with me/us just for them. And a donation is made to charity for each booking at: with @LockdownPresent
We would really appreciate it if you could spread the word about my/our virtual live gigs to your friends and family. You can choose your own personalised set of [insert repertoire] to enjoy. Find out more at: with @LockdownPresent

Some other ideas you could post about:

  • How your Lockdown Presents gigs have been going
  • What feedback you’ve had from people who’ve watched one of your Lockdown Presents performances - include a quote
  • Why you joined Lockdown Presents
  • What kind of personalised performances you have been doing for people on Zoom
  • Ideas of what kinds of performances people could book with you
  • Sharing or retweeting posts from Lockdown Presents, adding your own comments if you like

Posts for curated sets

A little bit of musical inspiration - I've curated some sets of my favourite songs/pieces to play for different occasions, which can be booked on Lockdown Presents. From [West End musical hits] to [opera classics], these are some of the pieces I've most enjoyed performing during virtual concerts over the last couple of months.You can check out my sets and book at []. Please pass it on to anyone you know who has a special occasion coming up, lives away from their loved ones, or is just missing live music! Every booking also raises money for Age UK, Mind and Refuge.

Posts about the platform

The Lockdown Presents community has been bringing virtual live music concerts to people's living rooms since April - for birthdays, anniversaries and virtual get togethers. This has been a difficult year for live performance and all those in the industry, but these have been a great way to keep bringing the joy of live music to audiences. It's been really special to interact with the audience in such a personal way too.

Template email about corporate bookings for Christmas

In response to the interest we've had from companies regarding Christmas events, we've pulled together an overview of what Lockdown Presents can offer teams looking for something special to add to their Christmas socials. If you have any contacts who might be interested in booking or sharing this with their network, please share this email to help us spread the word.
Lockdown Presents ( is a platform that connects audiences with professional musicians and singers for virtual live concerts. Our mission is to support the arts during lockdown by creating paid work opportunities for performers, and to connect people at this socially distanced time through the power of live music. 80% of fees go directly to the artists and all profits are donated to charity (Age UK, Mind and Refuge). We offer live virtual concerts from a range of styles to suit all tastes, from Bach to the Beatles, we have something for everyone including many Christmas classics. Performances can be arranged to suit your needs, but typically range from 15 to 45 minutes, with introductions to the pieces and interaction with the artist(s). You can even incorporate a quiz or voting, making these truly unique events to enjoy in these difficult times. We consistently hear from customers how much the concerts brightened their day, and transported them to another place for a little while.
If you'd like a little more inspiration, we've put together an article with some tips and ideas for how to include live music in your company celebration or team event. We also have a corporate booking guide.
To book:
  1. 2.
    Choose an artist and contact them using 'Contact Performer' on their profile page
  2. 3.
    Agree your bespoke set: How long do you want, what sort of music, include voting / a quiz? etc
  3. 4.
    On the day... just click the Zoom link to join and enjoy!